Monday, July 23, 2012

The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

The Iron Knight is my DREAM-COME-TRUE and my WISH-GRANTED! Boy! I was definitely surprised and delighted when I realized that what I'm reading is Ash's POV!!

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Reading the last book was bittersweet. Their problems finally resolved and the Iron Realm is in the hands of the new Iron Queen, Meghan Chase. But one thing that left me in a state of utter disbelief is the tragic truth that there will never be a future for Meghan and Ash. So please bear with me and my slightly discombobulated thoughts because I just finished the book a minute ago and here I am making a review yet my mind is still trapped in Nevernever.

 I love Happily Ever Afters, especially one that is Ash-Tallyn related. I love him too much. Okay, I am not going to gush like a fangirl anymore because I tend to do that when it is about him. Let's talk about the plot. We all know that the Nevernever is in harmony after the epic battle but not quite right?

Being the queen of the Iron Kingdom means Meghan cannot be with Ash because just like any faery he cannot endure iron, for them it means death. So Ash embarks in an impossible quest to become mortal. He faces different obstacles and tests just to have the chance to be with her. Even if being human brings him weakness, conscience, and mortality. Then Ariella shockingly appears in front of them. Yes, I was shocked, didn't see that coming. My jaw dropped while reading that part. For I knew Ariella's unexpected return is a complication to their love story, Ash might waver and doubt his feelings for Meghan. But I admire him still, in the end he was able to make the right choice and prove that the one he truly love is Meghan. He's a true knight and shining armor. I felt it, his love, his effort, everything. I also salute the other characters. Puck for being the good friend. Despite his own loss, he learns to let go the person he loves for her happiness. Grimalkin for somehow being their genie in the bottle, always there to guide and help them in times of need. 

 I didn't expect so much from this. The other books in the series are probably better when it comes to the plot. The story was supposed to be a trilogy so I'm just thankful for this. The loose ends are tied and I was able to really know Ash, his thoughts, and his past, and his true feelings for Meghan. Reading the Iron Fey books for three consecutive days was an amazing experience. I loved it! And it'll surely be one of the series that I won't forget. Thank you Julie Kagawa for bringing such wonderful creations to the literary world!

My Rating: 5 of 5 stars! Plus my LOVE for the Series!!