Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window by Kristy Moseley

“I call you Angel because, I honestly believe that God put an Angel on this earth just for me,” he admitted. “The first time I saw you I thought you were an Angel straight from heaven. You were so beautiful that you took my breath away. You still do, every day.”

Oh Gosh! I'm stoked!

I am declaring my undying love for this book!
I am floating on cloud nine as of now because my pretty little mind cannot wholly process the sweetness and perfection of LIAM JAMES.
He’s over the top perfect! I can’t reach him. Haha!
He deserves all the fangirling in the world.

Anyway, of course I don’t like my entire review to be just about gushing over Liam. I love it not just because of him. I love it because I’m a sucker for this kind of story.

Amber and her brother, Jake were physically and mentally abused by their father ever since they were children. But the abuse took its toll when father attempted to rape Amber. She’s became an emotional wreck despite the fact that their father was kicked out of the house. Now, years later, that horrible event still haunts her dreams. Through it all, she’s found strength and protection from her brother and his best friend, Liam.

OMG, let's talk about Liam!

 He has been sneaking inside her room since she was eight years old. Whenever he sees her crying, he’d go to her, comfort her, hug her, and sleep with her just to make her feel better. Oh my my my! I’d go melting into a pile of goo because of how sweet he is. He may be mistaken as a man-whore who sleeps with anyone that moves. But no! He’s always been in love with Amber. Imagine a guy who’s been in love with a girl for 12 years but can’t do anything about it because of an overprotective brother.

I hated him at first because of his a-hole streak. But then as the story progresses you’ll have no choice but to love him. I love the other characters as well. They were able to thwart every tough situation they face and that’s what I love!

The ending is everything I am hoping for. It’s perfect and amazing. Especially, the last chapter. It was soooo beautiful and definitely a HEA.

Liam is incredible. I don’t think there’s a real guy as perfect as he is.

“She was the only thing I needed. If everything else went away tomorrow, the big house, all the cars, the money, I wouldn't care. As long as I still got to hold her every night, I would still be the luckiest guy in the world.”
I saw this picture somewhere and I thought Chase Crawford is just the guy! :)

My Rating: 5 of 5 stars! <3

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