Monday, August 27, 2012

Love Story by Erich Segal

"Love means not ever having to say you're sorry."

These are such beautiful words that bawled my eyes out, tore my heart apart but made it whole again. Indeed, it is true that a story's brevity is not an issue to be considered when it comes to moving the readers. I say this because despite the way this novel is told and narrated, it is emotional and has a great message to tell everyone.

The love story between Jenny and Oliver is told in such a way that surprises me. The events in their life are told in a fast-paced manner but it never left me short-changed, it was complete and satisfying. Most tragic endings are devastating, but this one is different. It made me appreciate love, family, and so much more. If you're looking for a read you can easily finish in one sitting. Try this, like me you might be awed at how beautiful this will turn out. 

My Rating: 5 of 5 stars!


  1. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog :)

  2. I have read Love Story, like, 10 times. And every time, I cry. I know how it's going to end, but I keep going back for more.


    It's just damned good. And it's about true love--young lovers, a parent's love, a son's love--it's about love.

    Perfect name for this book, right?

    1. OMG I couldn't agree with you more! It's a great story about love in its different forms. I completely understand why you liked it so much. :)