About Me

Hi! I'm Dianne! 17 years old... 
I'm currently a college student from the Philippines..
Books are my constant companion, I love reading them! I'm very busy with my studies but I solemnly swear to always  find time for my books. 
I love anything Chick-lit/ Dystopian/ Fantasy/ Young-Adult novels.. but I still read other genre..
I have recently aroused an overwhelming interest over some swoon-worthy fictional bad boys/ rockstars / damn-gorgeous/ emotional heroes. 
I'm a fan of JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins, Stephanie Perkins, Cassandra Clare, Nicholas Sparks, Dan Brown, Jodi Picoult, and John Grisham
I dream of being a Shadowhunter and meet The Herondale boys! 
I love meeting nice and beautiful people... 
I make reviews on novels I read, stories on Wattpad, and some great movies! 
I also love music. I heart anything with Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood on it.
I make short stories but I don't intend to post them in the near future for they're not polished yet. But hopefully I could someday be able to make my own novel. 
I've only just started my own blog so bear with me if  it's a little rough right now. I'm still trying to figure out this whole "blogging" thing out. 
I'm a certified potterhead, though I'm still waiting for an acceptance letter from Hogwarts. So in the meantime, I'll continue doing the things I love.... <3


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  1. Hey dianne!
    I am in the YA book group too :]
    Great blog!