Monday, April 30, 2012

Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens

This is probably one of the most convoluted, twisted, passionate and craziest love affair I've read in my entire life. I'm fascinated reading about love triangles, but this one sure made me experience the roller coaster of emotions I rarely felt in romance novels. I felt giddiness, happiness, sorrow, regret, guilt, disgust, anger, and an unbearable ache for the characters.

The plot:
Kiera has the perfect boyfriend. Denny is handsome, intelligent, hardworking, sweet, and loves her with all his heart. So when Denny is offered a job opportunity in Seattle, she didn't hesitate to move in with him. Who wouldn't?... But the complication of all complications came because of Kellan Kyle, Denny's long time friend and their new roommate. One look at him would make you think perfection, absurdly gorgeous face, perfectly toned muscle, and a voice to die for. He's in a band and fans literally screamed at the top of their lungs and drooled by the mere sight of him. Having the best boyfriend she could possibly ask for, would it be possible for Kiera to be immune of Kellan's charms?

Well, she isn't! She gets herself involved in a threesome. I admit I hated her for the most part of the book. I want so bad to make her see reason, to make up her mind, to stop breaking the hearts of two incredible guys. I understand her inner turmoil, why she can't break up with Denny despite the fact that she clearly loves Kellan. But I'm just so mad at her for taking that long to figure everything out.

I felt sorriest for Denny. He's just too good to have a cheating girlfriend. I felt guilty while reading even though I was not the one hurting him. After knowing the truth between Kiera and Kellan, I somehow understood his violent reaction more than Kiera's unfairness and indecisiveness. I understood how betrayed he must've felt. He trusted her, gave her the pedestal that he never imagined she'd one day lose her love for him. It aches to see him endure the pain and forgive after everything else.

As for Kellan, I have to say that he's one of the few reasons why I managed to get through the nerve-wracking story. Besides being effortlessly the hottie drop dead gorgeous, he could be sweet, and funny. He's so great I always find myself wanting to rip him off the pages and make him real. He's a Casanova, rooting from is unpleasant childhood- devoid of love from his parents. But he changed a lot when he met Kiera. Behind the cool and easy facade, is a man capable of loving. I sympathized with him because he cannot have the only girl he ever truly loved. Every tear he shed is heart breaking I wanted to ease the pain.

There were so many scenes that I think is not really intended for readers my age. So many times I wanted to crawl inside the book and tell the characters what to do because they can't seem to make rational decisions. But just WOW! I didn't mind and kept my eyes glued to their story. This is not flawless, nor an amazing read. I weighed the pros and cons so I know this book is worth it! I loved their romance, and I’m wanting more of it!  I’m so glad there’s a sequel. And I can’t wait to know what happens to Kiera and Kellan!

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Monday, April 23, 2012

Under The Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

"A million ways to die. One way to live."

Veronica Rossi's debut novel "Under the Never Sky" is one amazingly exciting dystopian fiction that would surely leave you wanting for more. 

One of the things I love about dystopian novels is the way a whole new world is introduced but at the same time, it does not feel so out-of-reach because yeah! we're  talking about post-apocalyptic time, Hello future! So i'm glad to say that this one is a cool new society. 

From the very beginning, I became so fascinated by the Realm. There's no pain, no risk, no problem in this society. They have their smarteyes that could take them wherever they want whenever they want. Their life is the literal definition of aversion to the dark realities people often face. It may seem like the an incredible utopia, but a closer look would make you see otherwise.

 The heroine, Aria is very likeable as well as Peregrine a.k.a. "Perry." He has this spirit in him that never gives up, fights for what he believes in, and protects the ones he love. The ending, however, was the kind of cliffhanger I didn't want to read about. I was dumbfounded when my eyes caught the acknowledgement part because I was expecting and wanting it to be more. Well, I cannot tell details any more than I want to because that would spoil the story. So let me just tell you that this is a worthwhile read, I enjoyed every bit of it. My eager hands can't wait to grasp the next book!

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

After reading this book. . . . . 

       My heart is torn apart, broken into little pieces, and scattered all over the place. I'm trying to tape them back together but it's useless, impossible, it can't be whole again.. not until Tessa choose Will, not until Will is happy..not until Tessa is freed from the crucial decision she has to make in the end....

I never thought Cassandra Clare is capable of doing something so emotional in the midst of the Shadowhunting world. 

Clockwork prince is the second book to the Infernal Devices trilogy I came to love. If you liked the first one, there'll be no frustration in the second book. There are enough surprises, revelations, and betrayals. The ever beautiful Victorian London is perfectly described, and the story brilliantly paced and told. I found their conversation quite wonderful it was like going back in time but still enjoying the company of some interesting people from the past.

 In here, you'll see the depths of Will's mysterious personality. Why he has to be so despicable and why he has to push Tessa away. I sincerely felt bad for him, he endured everything all by himself. And just thinking of how everything turned out makes me so disappointed. If only he had known it earlier, things would have turned out different for him, for his family, and for Tessa. But it's too late now, it's why I pity his predicament. 

But not Jem, he's one lucky shadowhunter I wanted to make him feel how his parabatai's feeling. I'm not exactly mad at him. I just realized,after reading this,how badly I wanted Tessa and Will to be together. I can't blame Jem either because he's too good, and he's dying. I cannot bear to see him hurt. Man! Could everything gets even more confusing!  

So I'm just hoping against all hope that Tessa makes the right decision in the end. I'm feeling that it'll still be Will even though their future together seems far-fetched. I can't wait for the last installment! Can't bloody wait! 

Dear book 3,

PLEASE let Will and Tessa be together! 

please Pictures, Images and Photos

Can't you see how miserable he is without Tessa?...

My Rating:  5 of 5 stars! 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma

Oftentimes I purposely avoid reading novels that do not conform to what I've always believed in. Otherwise, it would mean plunging into murky waters, and reading as a cynical critic would have. But this book is definitely an exception! The title itself tells that it is not your average love story. Rarely do I encounter novels that boldly ventures in this issue. But "Forbidden" not only managed to do that but also moved me in ways I never could've imagined.

 A negligent and alcoholic mother, a father who left them out of the blue, a family on the brink of falling apart. They say the ones who are affected the most in a dysfunctional family are the children. Maya and Lochan are no different. They are siblings and have been each other's strength for years. Struggling to survive, to raise their younger brothers and sister despite the circumstances failing them. And they love each other...
Not just the love between brother and sister...
Not just the platonic love anyone would've expected from them...

Incest is a very sensitive issue. I've never read anything about this before. So knowing what goes into their minds is new as well. It hurts so much I got so carried away by how tragic their life is. They were both prison in their own society. They know it's not the right thing. They know it's immoral, illegal, unethical, and impossible. But how could you blame them if they're only following their hearts? How can something so wrong feel so right?

I admit I was reluctant to read this at first. I'm a firm believer of what I know is right. But reading this makes my heart ache that I found myself sympathizing for them and wishing things turned out differently. There were so many scenes that are revolting. I want to go inside the book and tell them " Hey! You can't do that! You can't kiss each other like that!" But in the end, I just felt pity and remorse. This book reminds us that no matter how much you love each other, no matter how hard you fight for it, if it's against the law, it's impossible.

This is one of the books that's impossible to finish without having tears in your eyes. This is beautiful as it is heartbreaking. You may have seen love in it's myriad forms. But this one is definitely unique..

That's Just Tragic Pictures, Images and Photos

I give this 4/5 stars! 

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

The fourth installment of the Mortal Instruments Series is, as expected, an exciting and praise-worthy one typical of a Cassandra Clare novel.  

With Valentine dead and gone, and the fact that the story turned into a new chapter made me ponder and anticipate what's going to happen next. New conflict, new villain, new allies, and probably more to come! Although, according to me the City of Glass is more epic than this one, I'm glad it ended quite well. 

After the last scene, I thought "Oh my! Not Again!." It's so devastating to think of the ill-fated lovers, Jace and Clary, suffering another we-cannot-be-together-even-though-we're-madly-in-love problem. Their love story is somehow so depressing because it always makes me remember the quote "to love is to destroy," that sometimes love's just ain't enough. I really hope that they'll prove everyone wrong and that they're meant for each other. I admit i was a little bit disappointed in Jace because after everything else, he's become weak and vulnerable. I really thought that love would make a person stronger, more determined and not the other way around. But i couldn't blame him either because as much as he feels that Clary's the best thing that's ever happened to him, he's also afraid of losing her.

 I would probably mention how i liked that Simon has more appearance in this book than the previous ones. Reading his point of view is entertaining as well as interesting, sometimes i crack at his bland humor and it's hilarious to read about his own two-timing love story. It's good to see some normalcy in him despite his being a vampire.

  After reading 4 books of the series, I've became engrossed with the story that I wanted to read the next book right away. The ending's a total cliffhanger, can't wait for City of Lost Souls!

I give this 5/5 stars!

Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles

Simone Elkeles did it again! At first I doubted if she could outstand or at least equal the interest I had while reading Perfect Chemistry, but boy! I think I’m lovin’ some gorgeous Spanish-speakin’ gangsters! The books definitely gave them the good reputation.  Alex Fuentes made me realize that unlike from what we often see in movies, they have a heart, are capable of loving and they could be great protagonists! He’s my favorite gangster! But then Carlos came...

 I laughed everytime his sarcasm and bland rudeness show. I don’t know why but I like him more because of that. He’s not just a smart-ass thug but he could be interesting at times. I am also pleased at Kiara’s personality; she’s simple and doesn’t try too hard to be beautiful.  I really felt Carlos’s true feelings because even though he doesn’t admit it, he only has his eyes for Kiara despite the girls swooning over him. I should probably mention how glad I am of Alex’s and Brittany’s appearance in the book. I finally got a glimpse of how their relationship survived for so long because all I got from the previous book was the twenty-three-years-later epilogue that didn’t even include them. Although it’s easy to tell that this novel has not-too-complicated conflicts and lacks the dramatic impact compared to the first book, it’s still worth it because it has so much to offer. Rules of Attraction has lovable characters, an amazing plot, and a fascinating romance just as I wanted it. I can’t seem to forget how good they are together with their serious, monogamous, committed relationship!

“You’re dangerous,” he says. “Why?” “Because you make me believe in the impossible.”  

Ugh..Why am I so giddy? Oh. right… I remember, Alex and Carlos… ^_^
 So Luis? Definitely excited to know more about you in the third book! 

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

I'm so proud to say that Lauren Oliver is one of the most talented authors! Her writing is pure, heartfelt and awesome!

I admit I was sort of disappointed reading the first few pages because nothing important is happening, I got so irritated with the shifting in time. But give it about 100 pages and the story gets better and turns into something exciting! 

I liked how the plot changed but in a good sense. And of course I liked Julian, somehow I understand what he's going through and how he's very much like what Lena used to be. I'm starting to like him for her.
 But then there's ALEX....  Every time Lena and Julian start to show their feelings to each other I think "Awwww!! they're so sweet! but no. no. no. no. no BIG NO! You love Alex remember? Don't let yourself get confused!" I don't know what to think anymore!

The ENDING... it's the ending I didn't want to read... because I was left hanging, thinking, speculating, fearing what will happen next. I just can't believe it has to end that way. Oliver sure knows how to make a cliffhanger! 

Wither by Lauren DeStefano

After reading this...OKAY is the first word that comes into my mind. SIGH is the the first thing I did. This may be an addition to the long list of novels in the highly anticipated and popular dystopian genre. But there's something quite different with the the characters and the story that I cannot precisely put a finger on. I am not saying that it's not good. It was mediocre to say the least. I'm just not fond of the story's atmosphere. It's gloomy and oppressive that you'll feel longing and sadness of the characters. However, there are some things that kept me reading despite the strange plot. The characters, though they all seem to have their griefs to deal with, how they handle them seem different. The main character, Rhine may have been overly sentimental but I liked her anyway. I should probably say how baffled and intrigued I am of Linden's personality. I wanted to hate him, to feel hatred whenever his name is mentioned, because he's the reason for their agony, for their lost freedom, for their miserable lives. But then I realized in the end that he's does not deserve the blame. He's as innocent and trapped as they are. I pity him. I just don't like the fact that he has three wives and spends his night alternately with them. It feels... ugh... you know what I'm talking about! And of course Gabriel, I'm not that convinced with his relationship with Rhine. It lacks development and the story put little emphasis on it so I wasn't that moved. So this is pretty depressing story, but it's not a bad one. 

Where She Went by Gayle Forman

A lot of reviewers preferred this more than the first book, If I Stay, so now I know why.

 It may be because it gives justice to the love story everyone's been waiting for. But no matter how i look at it i still think that the first book is way better. Where she went is told from the point of view of Adam after Mia's miraculous recovery from her coma. So i know girls would like to know what goes inside the mind of the oh-so-cool-emo-rockstar Adam Wilde. 

As expected, Gayle Forman's writing didn't fail to capture the hearts of the readers. We witness how Adam reaches the peak of his career and at the same time how his interest in it plummets down. It is heartbreaking to see Adam wallow in misery of letting Mia go when they took their separate ways, as if she is all he's ever wanted in his life. However, the story lost its spark after this. Gone were the scenes that almost made me cry and made me rethink my life. Replaced by the scenes of how a rockstar led a crappy life and my hatred for the girl who left him out of the blue. So what happened? It's probably because the story focuses more on  the love between Mia and Adam. I mean there's not much to write about because her family is already gone. I'm not against their love, actually, I was kind of glued to them, my heart flutters with Mia while reading if I Stay. But what i didn't like is how the story unfolds, there's not much conflict. You'll sympathize with Adam but that's just it. They were both just reluctant to admit that they love each other no matter what the circumstances are. 

Well, I must say the sequel is good in its own way and didn't disappoint me because I didn't expect it to have a part 2. After Mia squeezed Adam's hand, I just assumed that they'd live happily ever after. So I didn't expect anything. But hey, a closure to their love story is better than an open ending.

The fault in our Stars by John Green

This is my first time reading something from John Green. My extreme curiosity made me spontaneously pick this novel amid the long list of books I’ve been wanting to read. “How come it has a staggering number of ratings? Hmmmm… This is a must read, this better be good!” I thought. But unfortunately, after the end, I don’t think I could give this book so much credit just like many people did. Being that it has a remarkable and insightful plot, it didn’t resonate that much. I liked Hazel and the way Augustus call her “Hazel Grace.” I liked Gus for being so sweet, I liked their witty conversations although sometimes I find it over-the-top witty, they don't talk their age or just the typical teenager talks. And of course, I can't hide my frustration at how everything ended. I mourned when Gus died because it isn't fair and I don't want him to. That's why I wasn't that amazed, I was depressed. He didn't need to die. Why oh why?!

I give this 4/5 stars!

Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy

All I can say is that it was a great read! Suduggery Pleasant taken its spot alongside some of the famous fantasy novels for children.

Although it has a cliche for a story with the usual kid figures out that there's a whole different world around her, gets fascinated by it, wants nothing more but to be a part of it, so she gets tangled in a web of risky adventure. However, what shocked me the most is that the main character is a human skeleton! complete with detective attire. It was fun imagining it walking among the people, battling enemies, protecting the heroine, and being the good guy for a change. It's new and you can't help but to like Skulduggery albeit his appearance. The story ended satisfyingly well but not quite because we all know it's a series. I would absolutely recommend this one to children or anyone who wants a thrilling adventure with lovable characters. 

I give this 4/5 stars!

Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

I'm quite relieved to finally reach the end of the story because I practically mustered all my strength and will to at least finish this. It's boring, predictable and very twilighty, as in it was so perplexing to see how they are so alike. Dear Carrier of the Mark, How do you do that? Let me count the ways... Megan lives with her dad and goes to a new school, she caught the gorgeous Adam mysteriously looking at her. And hey, he goes to school with his sister named Aine who reminds me so much of Alice and his brother meets his responsible and good father, Fionn ( Carlisle, is that you?) She discovers their long kept secret as well as the Order that is the same as the Volturi. In the end, she was kidnapped by a tracker. There you go, I could list it all down but I'm afraid I'm only giving the reasons why the novel is a disappointment. It's a relief that it is not a vampire novel, that it deals with the Marked ones or those who control the elements. But I'm not entirely convinced because it didn't give me the amazing feeling we all feel whenever we read something new. I thought it's lacking in originality. I admit I dragged myself throughout the novel. I even found the time to read two other novels while in the middle of this one because I was losing my interest. Since it was recommended, I thought I'd love this but it just compounded the reason's why I'm getting bored of reading novels with this kind of story.

I give this 2/5 stars!

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

Just when i thought I'd never find a novel comparable to Can You keep A Secret, well I was wrong! Lola and the Boy Next Door is even better. The story is amazingly sweet,refreshing, genuine, and perfect! This is everything I could ever ask for a Chick-lit. 

The heroine, Lola, is cute with her extraordinary fashion sense. It's a great relief just knowing that the bad boy is not the one she ended up with. It gets kind of lame when the protagonist is inexplicably drawn to the cool bad boy who doesn't have any direction in life, most young adult novels prefer that. But not this! here is where you'll meet the geeky nice guy who'll sweep you off your feet, did I mention his stunningly gorgeous and smells like soap and mechanical oil! ( still don't know what that smells like but who cares? There's no need to know.) He has the cutest name, Cricket Bell. At first I thought it's weird and makes me imagine an insect, but all that fades away when he gives the name a great reputation.

 The boy next door thing reminds me so much of the music video of  You Belong With Me with them both perched in their windows facing each other, exchanging cute glances. It made me wanna burst into one of those falling in love songs by Taylor Swift. Although I had a lingering regret that i didn't read the novel, Anna and the French Kiss first before this because it gives a bit of reference to it. It's like reading The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks when you haven't even read the Notebook. Anyway, I had a great time reading this. Stephanie Perkins is the new author I'll be looking forward to. Of course! anyone is willing to meet and read about a boy who'd not only love a girl unwaveringly but who'd give her anything, even if it is the moon and the stars. All smiles for this book!

I give this 5 stars with the moon!

Can You Keep A Secret by Sophie Kinsella

I've read some of Sophie Kinsella's novels, so i can say that this is by far her best novel. I bought this because i've heard it's good but it turned out great ! 

The author has good sense of humor because I laughed throughout the novel. Honestly, I didn't expect it to be that way when i read the synopsis. It is one of those feel-good novels that you usually read when you want to relax and laugh your hearts out. The story may be balderdash but who cares? it made me laugh. 

I give this book full five stars! :)

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

I've read enough of dystopian novels to know which society is believable or not, which is likely to happen in the future or not. I can say that Uglies is one that is impossible to happen, far-fetched even. I mean how in the world would we find solution to the world's biggest problems by merely turning pretty. After reading the first few chapters, those are my thoughts. The main character may have contributed a lot to my lack of interest. Tally is so vain that she feels being pretty is the only thing that matters and without it your life is miserable being ugly. I admit I was kind of annoyed by her shallowness and also her longing for Peris whom I also dislike because he's not a true friend with his we-could-friends-again-only-if-you-turn-pretty attitude. So I was hesitant to continue, but thankfully I gained interest as the story progresses. I realized that this attitude that i hated at first are the doings of the authorities. They are the ones who manipulate and control the people. It gets interesting when Tally changes her outlook. That even though a person doesn't have the perfect symmetrical features, he/she could be beautiful inside, as in the case of Tally and David. I think this moral is what makes the book interesting. Indeed, true beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Bottom line is the story is good with an insightful lesson we often deny but we become victims of for so many times. It's slow and boring at first, but it gets better afterwards.The ending went quite well that it will surely leave the readers anticipating the next book.

I give this book 4/5 stars!

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

I've never known what an actual road trip is like, but now i know! Amy and Roger's Epic Detour is really fun and i had an epic time reading it. Everything felt more realistic to me with all those pictures, maps, travel scrapbook, and playlists though I've never heard any of those songs in my whole life, so now I'm wondering what planet do I live in. It's not one of those you'll expect to have a big and exciting plot. I just found the story cute, light, and relaxing. Because it's like having a road trip! I admired how the characters changed because of it, and how thay help each other throughout the story. Though i cannot give it full 5 stars because of the story's simplicity and the open ending which left me thinking, "What happened after that?," and that's the least thing I wanted from a novel.

But overall, it was okay. It has a simple and satisfying story. It's about taking risks, not letting your past hinder your present, and doing new things for a change. It's alright to open yourself to others and let them in, because sometimes these decisions will make you a better person and make everything worthwhile.

I give this 4/5 stars!

Wicked by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie

The first time i was introduced to magic, I was amazed. I liked how it makes broomsticks fly, how it casts cool spells, how you go to the most awesome wizard school to learn it. Indeed, Harry Potter made magic seem a peculiar yet a special thing, it highlights all the good side about magic. Wicked, however, is the other way around. It's dark, gloomy and tragic. I was struck by how dark the story unfolds with the terrible conflict between the warlocks and witches. At first I didn't want to continue reading because it started out a bit slow but I'm glad I did because it got better. I commend the authors for producing an incredible narration, especially the scenes with Isabeau and Jean. It'll give you the feeling that you have yet to understand the bigger picture. Bits of flashback helped a lot in filling the void about the centuries-old feud between the Devereaux and the Cahors. I also liked how the present time is connected to the past and there is this history-repeating-itself between Holly and Jeraud. I think one downside to the story is the romance. I didn't feel the chemistry between the two as well as the intense love they share for each other. Maybe because the plot doesn't necessitate it to be well-developed, so it was already given that they've been in love for centuries. And what's with the ending? the plot itself is quite huge so i thought it would entail an epic ending, but it was simple,wierd and inaproppriate. I just really wished the ending went great so i would've been excited for the next book.

I give this book 3/5 stars!

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

This is my first Sarah Dessen novel and i can say that I wasn't disappointed!

 I'm getting kind of addicted to YA romance novels not just because of what I call hopeless romantic syndrome most teenagers tend to have, but also because I find it light, relaxing, entertaining, interesting, and yes realistic! 

The Truth About Forever is an easy read that i found myself glued to every page despite the cliche plot. This has probably something to do with the incredible characters. I adore Macy as well as the other characters, Delia, Kristy, Bert and Monica. Though they're not the ideal type of persons you'd probably hang out with, but together they're unstoppable, cool, genuine and very nice. My favorite is Wes, well who wouldn't like a gorgeously artistic guy who's not at all vain and prefers to see imperfections from others because it what makes them human? I'd go Sa-wooning over him whenever the word "Sa-woon" is mentioned. He has this effect on people and even i can feel it. 

I also want to acknowledge Jason if for no other reason than to say his personality is freaking hilarious. I know I was supposed to be mad at him because of what he did to Macy but I just find everything about him funny especially his cold emotionless break up email. Could there be a boyfriend as cold hearted as he is? 

So in the end, I'm happy that Macy has finally dealt with the issues she's going through, and the same with her mom. It was good but I admit it ended so soon that I still wanted to know some stuffs going on especially with Macy and Wes. But I am now looking forward to reading anything from Sarah Dessen.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

If you were to reminisce your past, would you be frustrated or satisfied? If you had a near-death experience and be given the chance to choose, would you leave the world or endure whatever comes?

  The answer may be crystal clear to us but not for Mia. She was grief-stricken after losing her family in a car accident. She went into a coma and is looking at her life once again, she's in what we call the "in between",so she has to make the most crucial decision in her life.

 "If i stay" is a poignant novel that would definitely tear the readers apart. I, for one, was moved by the problems and situations presented in the book because it's something that everyone wants to know but no one wants to experience. At first, i was a bit hesitant to read the novel, it made me think to myself "why would i want to read this, it'll only make me depress over something i'm not supposed to." I guess i was being cynical after reading thirteen reasons why by jay asher because it didn't give an impression to me. I thought they would generate the same feeling, but if i stay turned out pretty good. It's amazing how a simple plot could be meaningful just by the way the author develops the story. The flashbacks helped a great deal in building up the emotion it gives the readers. It's like reading one of mitch albom's novel, for one more day. 

Yes it was depressing , sad and it didn't offer some shocking twists , but there's more to it. It will make you think twice about you life. Have you done the things you truly want? Have you said what you wanted to say to people? I'm glad it ended how I wanted it to end. I love how Adam, her boyfriend, made it happen. I love how kim, her bestfriend, assured her that she still has a family, that she's not alone.

It will surely resonate to anyone. I did not cry a river just like what I read from the other reviewers. But i would still recommend it to anyone who's been missing out a lot on ths topic. I admit i'm glad to have read this because i'm kind of tired of the Cheesy vampire/fallen angels novels i've been reading quite a lot lately.

 I give this 4/5 stars!

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

I just finished Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins and I'm already itching to write a review!! Because reading it was a wonderfully satisfying experience!! 

While it's an easy read and has a simple plot, I can't help but admire the author for she has the power to leave the readers enthralled and breathless!!! I did read lola and the boy next door before reading this one, so i'm glad to finally discover the story behind Anna and Etienne. The fact that its romance takes place in Paree! where love is always in the air ,makes the novel's atmosphere compelling, stunning, and perfect! Also, the characters are so lovable. Anna Oliphant is interesting, funny, and not annoying like some chick-lit heroine i know. Let's talk about Etienne St. Clair, or as I would like to call him- the literary embodiment of perfection! He's nice, popular, handsome, and of course the English accent! ( Bollocks! HA!) I loved loved loved it! The character are great as well esp. Meredith, Ramshi, Josh and Bridgitt. I also liked that they're going to school, having classes, detention, and staying at dorms, everything feels so light, familiar, and high school drama-ish. 

Although I'm not a French Savvy like Anna, or maybe even worse, I realized it doesn't matter. And because of the irresistible story, I loved it anyway. So I toured Paris with the same delight and fascination as Anna. Everything about this book is BEAUTIFUL! Stephanie Perkins has only released two books and I'm already considering her as one of my favorite authors. I'm so glad stumbled upon this beautifully sweet and entertaining novel. 

I would recommend this to all romantic souls out there. I now believe that it's possible for home to be a person and not be a place...Etienne St. Claire made me see that...

I give this 5/5 stars!

Unwind by Neal Schusterman


The first time I read the synopsis, I thought it would cause sheer boredom and end up wasting my time. But a lot of reviewers praised it so i decided to give it chance. I'm glad i did, because it turned out great. Yes it's dystopian just like any other famous novels out there but what made it different is its unique plot and the engaging way it is told. I was already hooked while reading the first few chapters. The shifting point of views makes everything so exciting. 

I also like the characters, how they first met, how they managed to fight and survive their predicament, and how, in the end, they all got what they've been wishing for. The realities of life and the injustice acts and laws that they are facing during their era disturbed me so much. In a society where unwanted teens are salvaged for their body parts, three runaways fight the system. Who would want to sign a petition that entails their son/daughter's death? Who would be willing to donate their son/daughter's body parts? I guess it's unthinkable in our time. But during dire circumstances, you'd probably think otherwise. 

For this, I commend Neal Schusterman. He was able to tackle a very sensitive issue yet an interesting one. Being a teenager myself, I was horrified by their doomed fates at the same time sympathized with them. I wanted them to resist, to fight, to survive, and to thwart the law that everyone thinks is right. That's why I was satisfied with the ending. In fact, the author nailed it pretty well. I was happy with what happened to Connor, Risa and Lev. I also came to admire the admiral, I didn't like him at first but i realized how he feels as a loving parent of an unwound. 

Unwind by Neal Schusterman is a great novel that has a lot to offer. It's complete with action, romance, drama, humor, revelations and surprises. How I wish it has a sequel. It's no doubt I’ll recommend this to my friends...

I give this 5/5 stars!

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer Smith

"Who would have guessed that four minutes could change everything?"

Because I know I didn't! 

Hadley is a bridesmaid to the wedding she's been dreading for so long, the wedding of her father and a British woman she barely even knows and is a complete stranger to her. But by some twist of fate, she misses her scheduled flight to London by four minutes. Lucky for her because she meets a handsome and yes, a swoon-worthy guy named Oliver...

The plot is one of those that happens within a 24-hour time frame with bits of flashbacks, but despite the story's simplicity and brevity, it still captured my interest. Part of that is because of my fascination for Oliver. I just love that he's so sweet, nice, and that British accent added fuel to my interest. I gotten so curious about his personality that I figured there's something he's not telling. Maybe I was wee bit disapponted because he's not included in some parts of the story. But i know it gives credit to the other part of the story, Hadley's relationship with her AWOL father. I know how bad she feels when her father left her and her mother. I understand her sort of hatred to his new wife, Charlotte. But just like what Hadley feels, I was so relieved in the end. That Charlotte is not one of those evil stepmothers from fairytales personified, and that she finally understands and forgives her father. And I just love how Oliver played a big part on that.

The ending went great although I'm just very curious how the title fits into all of this? I mean the intriguing title is what made me want to read this in the first place. It's not enough for it to be mentioned once in an out of the blue kind of way but it has to be reflected in the plot. Anyway, even though i was surprised at how brief this novel turned out, still, I enjoyed reading this, it has enough romance and drama that will leave you wanting more.

I give this 5/5 stars!

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

I can't believe that there will actually come a time that i can say "I really like the Mortal Instruments series!" because yes! now it's true! I used to look at it displayed at the bookstores with its shining pedestal and think of its undeserved popularity like some novels i've became tired of mentioning. After reading the first novel, it was good, a bit predictable, and depressing in the end. I didn't even want to make a review, not with disappointment in the back of my mind, not with Jace having Clary as his sister, not with a doomed love story. Well, it's different now because I'm writng a review! It's different now because I'm smiling like an insane creature. And it's all because of the awesomazing time I had reading this. I'm praising this novel not just because of the good news everyone's been waiting for ( Finally Jace and Clary are not related! yay!), but it's also because of the complexity the plot has turned into. The ending was kind of epic with the all the battles going on. And I like that the revelations keep on coming. I also came to adore the characters. Clary became brave and powerful. Let's not forget about Jace, I sympathized and  pitied him for his fate, for the love he can never have, and the risks he's willng to take. Simon is always the good friend but he's no more a mundane, a great vampire! And Sebastian, who would have thought there will be an additional character who plays a big part on the story. I was truly caught off guard by the reveltion of his true identity. And of course, a special mention to Jocelyn Fairchild, finally! that's a relief, i thought she'd be a sleeping beauty forever. I'm also glad that Valentine's already taken care of but there's still the questionable death/disappearance of Sebastian. Now, I'm looking forward to what will happen in the fourth book. The demons or enemies they have to face, the unexpected twists to their story, and the romance people can't get enough of.

  I'm forever in love with JACE!!! 

"I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there's a life after that, I'll love you then."

  Jace and Clary all the way!!

I give this an epic 5/5 stars!

Divergent by Veronica Roth

I finally read Divergent after hearing quite a buzz about it lately.It was often compared to the Hunger games so i got even more excited. Although I would still consider HG as the best dytopian novel, Divergent missed by a few points.

  The society veronica roth pictured as  dystopia was strange at the same time genius.The atmosphere seem oppressed and dark. The five factions: Candor, Abnegation, Dauntless,Erudite and Amity are great representations of what personalities of people in the real world are. I liked the heroine, Tris , because she is fearless and doesn't act like a damsel in distress like someone i know ( uhhem!! Be-lla!). Four or Tobias(I really wanted him to go back to being Four, Tobias sounds funny and weak for his personality) , was cool that even though he's not even trying to be overly heroic or handsome,you can't help but to admire him. The other characters have great attributes as well, it's exciting to watch them interact. There are times when it gets too violent and sometimes i think "Was that even necessary?" but roth  was just probably doing something new that we don't normally read from a YA novel. The story was even made interesting bacause of the trainings they're having.

The ending was okay to me but i wanted more actions because that's what i was expecting. I also liked the look of the society, the way i imagined it is believable. I liked how the dauntless rides the trains, or how each person acts according to their chosen faction. It reminded me of the song from High School Musical, "Stick to the Status Quo", where everyone are grouped to their own personalities. Anyway, it's a great book and i can tell why so many people compared this to the Hunger Games. 

I gove this 4/5 stars!

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Meghan Chase is the typical high school girl who wants to fit in. She's unpopular, not that rich, and has a big crush on the football player . You would take one look at her life and decide it's boring. However, everything turns upside down after her little brother, Ethan, disappears. She discovers the children stories she's known when she was a child were true, that faeries are true, that her bestfriend, Robbie is one of them, and his name is Puck, not only that, she's the daughter of King Oberon! She goes to Nevernever on a quest to find her missing brother. But she'll soon find out a deeper dilemma that is much bigger than her losing her brother.

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa brings back the pleasure of reading fantasy novels like The Harry Potter series, The Fablehaven series, with all its magical creatures and a new facsinating world (Nevernever) you'd surely want to explore. It also reminds me of Narnia, I guess it's because how they first got there is through a closet. It is divided into two courts : the summer court (Seelie Court) and the winter court (Unseelie Court) where a winter prince named Ash lives. He's handsome but I didn't like that he's cold I mean literally cold because i can't imagine it without a vampire stalker lurking into my mind. I also hoped it didn't made references to A Midsummer's Night Dream because I was clueless as to what it is. It became interesting because its characters are personified in the book, namely Robin Goodfellow, Tatiana, Oberron, etc. But it's probaly for those who have read and can relate to it, right? The heroine is great, she's brave and has a heart to the ones she loves. And I also like Grimalkin, always helpful and interesting. It reminds me of the cat in the Alice in Wonderland. Also, the author made emphasis on the baneful effects of technology, it's definitely cliche but it's good to read a different plot now and then. 

The ending went pretty well and it kept me guessing whether Ash will still surrender Meghan to the queen. So I have to read the next book to know what'll happen! All in all it was a good story, this is a must read to anyone who is a fan of fantasy novels. 

I give this 4/5 stars!

For One More Day by Mitch Albom

In life, committing mitakes is inevitable . Each day unfolds an unexpected turn that's enough to make you yearn for the old days and undo all the damages. Then, realization strikes you that you can never have the upperhand in this. But what if something peculiar happens and fate itself gives you a day to null all your follies? Would you be willing to accept you sinful deeds? For One More Day, a book by the bestselling author Mitch Albom revolves around this story.

 It is about treating your parents the way they should be treated and realizing that no matter how bad you mess up in life, there is this hope at the end of the road, waiting to be recognized. This heart-warming novel provides flashbacks from the protagonists. Charles "Chick" Benetto's life has been falling apart since his childhood. his struggle to cope up with the divorce of his parents together with his frustrations in baseball deeply affects his outlook. He grew up longing to see even the slightest attention from his father who abandoned them. Disregarding his mother's unselfsh and unconditional love, he lavished toomuch time trying to get the love of an absent father. but all of these changed when years later, his mother died. All the guilt and regret came flooding in. This brings him to a point when he attempts to take his own life. After that, the strangest thing happens. He gets the chance to be with his mother for a day which he has so yearned. That miraculous encounter gives him the wisdom to forgive himself. He finally realizes that in spite of his absences, his mother's undisputable love will never cease. The good thing about this book is its capability to touch the reader's hearts despite its simplicity. So you'll end up asking yourself "Did I fail to appreciate the ones i love? I liked how some of the chapters are titled " Times I Did Not Stand Up For My Mother" and "Times My Mother Stood Up For Me", he stressed the events when he treated his mother unjustly and his mother's heartfelt sacrfices for him. It also has some insightful lines that'll surely influence the readers. Just like this one, " I believe my mother saved my life, I also believe that parents, if they love you, will hold you up safely, above swirling water, and sometimes that means you'll never know what they endure, and you may treat them unkindly, in a way you otherwise wouldn't." 

I recommend this book to everyone. It will certainly make you stop and reflect for a while. Just think about the hours you can devote being with you mother- it's a lifetime. We might not get the chance to go back like Chick had. So it's important to show your presence to your loved ones and make them feel special. 

I give this 5/5 stars!

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson is unfreakingbelievable!

Actually, i didn't expect to like this for the plot itself is a giveaway that it talks of death, grief, or anything that would make a novel depressing. But reading it feels exactly the opposite! Jandy Nelson is such an incredible writer that even the simplest plot could turn into something beautiful, wonderful, touching and refreshing! The characters are so believable that although they have their own flaws and struggles bottled up inside, I was able to feel them, I was able to feel their grief for Bailey's death. I understood what Gram must feel- she feels alone, ashamed for what she's done, and longs for the return of her daughter. I wanted to remind her that she's not alone, that it's not her fault, and that she did a great thing in raising Lennie and Bailey. I wanted to tell Lennie that wherever her sister is, she's already forgiven, that she shouldn't feel guilty, there's no need to write poems for Bails in every candy wrapper, in every piece of paper and scatter them all over town because she'll always be by her side. I wanted her to soar and touch the sky, to do everything without hesitation and the lingering ghost of her past. That's how emotionally caught up I am in the story.

  I admire Joe, his Joelirius, and his batting eyelashes! Bat. Bat. Bat. I admire that he's like the sunshine that lights up everyone's sorrow. I'm just glad that Lennie ended up with him because it means that she's embracing the change. I also enjoyed reading Sarah's personality, she made me laugh with her hilariously exaggerated language -- “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! That is so unfreakingfreakingfreakingfreakingbelieveable! Cows on the moon, Len! Cows. On. The. Moon!” -- I seem to forget about Lennie's dilemma whenever she spends time with her bestfriend.

I can say that I'm glad I read this novel because I learned so much, about life, about death, and about people. I feel enlightened after reading this emotional ride of a novel.

happy in love gifs Pictures, Images and Photos I'm just so in LOVE with this book..

I LOVE Joelirius!

I give this 5/5 stars!

Beastly by Alex Flinn

I have nothing much to say about the book because it wasn't bad and it turned out to be what i expected.

  Recently, modern versions of tales that we all came to love since our childhood days have magically emerged. But we still read or watch them even though they've been adapted so many times. The reason is probably the same as why i decided to read this. Like some readers, I just want to be able to experience again those childhood days when fairy tales are all that really matter, as if the world is full of fairies,princes, princesses and any one who suffers from evil witches, stepmother or stepsisters will be justly rewarded with a handsome prince in the future. Well, I can say that Beastly is one of them, albeit it comes with a modern twist.

  The story is nearly the same as The Beauty and the Beast but it is obviously intended for young adult or teen readers. I mean I agree that beauty is nothing if you treat other people as inferiors. The only way you'll be able to open your heart to others is to put your feet into their shoes. And isn't it amazing how true love can change a person for the better? I know that this book is not flawless, it didn't give me the jaw-dropping scenes and revelations, what it gave me was something to ponder about. Because sometimes, the most obvious and easiest lessons in life are the ones we give the least importance to. All we need is a simple reminder just like what it gave me.

I recommend this to those who are not really looking for something new but for something familiar yet beautiful.

I give this book 4/5 stars!

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

I can't help but remember The mortal Instruments series while reading this one,you get used to the way the characters of both series are alike, the concept, her writing style and plot development. However, what made me utterly admire her is the incredible way she still keeps me glued to the story.

  As expected, the first book of the Infernal Devices series didn't frustrate or disappoint me. Compared to The Mortal Instruments, it's as exciting, action-packed, romantic, and full of shocking revelations. In fact, it's even better. I can think of a few reasons why...

  I liked that the setting used is Victorian London complete with Victorian houses, their clothes, horse-pulled carriages, and let's not forget their British accent. I am forever in love with it, it sounds elegant, romantic, and music to the ears (oh! how I wish to be there!). I also adore the female lead, Tessa, she is less annoying than Clary, she's has cool abilities, and of course i like anyone who likes books. Will for me is close to an anachronism, his attitude wouldn't pass for an English gentleman during their time. He's rude that sometimes you'd want to hurl him out of the books, then he gets so sweet and kind that you're heart melts with his, then he goes back to the bad boy image. So I'm kind of confused. He looks drop dead gorgeous but there's this mysterious side of him that he still keeps as a secret. I'm definitely going to watch out for it. Jem is the nice guy who Tessa magically bumps into when she's having a hard time and then gives her advise you only get to hear from experts. Well, I'm sensing a love triangle coming up. 

Also, the story is more interesting. There are no spontaneous unimportant-to-the-plot attacks from demons and the like that would make you think "what stroke of luck they have for always seeing one!" Every scene contributes to the overall plot or the revelation in the end. Speaking of the ending, it's great, exciting, and worth reading the entire book. The narrator's omniscient point of view helps a great deal in arousing my interest. Will definitely left me hanging by a cliff when he is meeting with Magnus Bane. He's about to tell what the problem is, then that's it, the next thing i know i was reading the acknowledgement section. The novel ended with a question mark that, without a doubt, etched a question mark in my mind. 

Could this be the secret Will is so worried about? The reason why he doesn't want any involvement with Tessa? I can't wait to read the sequel and discover it!

I give this 5 of 5 stars!

She's Dating the Gangster by SG Wannabe

    "Love is happiness...Love is smiling when you hear that person's voice... Love is the butterflies in your tummy no matter how many times you see that person... Love is when you look at them and smile for no reason... Love is seeing an imperfect person perfectly...Love is painful.. Love is hard... Love is sacrifice.. love is sadness.."    

   THIS IS PROBABLY ONE OF THE MOST HEARTBREAKING STORIES I READ SO FAR..I can't seem to utter anything coherent right now. It stings right through your heart with no intention of mending. I'm too SHOCKED.. STUNNED..FLABBERGASTED, my mind is so far away i wanted to tell myself that it's just a novel. That i shouldn't be too overwhelmed, too affected, that this kind of story is not really happening in the real world. Isn't it?...  I didn't expect that reading this would make me feel this way. I was having some hesitation because I thought the story was corny and cheesy. And I hated that it has to use 3 different languages when I'm perfectly fine with one. I wanted at least for it to use only Filipino so why bother making the readers confuse? I thought the story is dragging, simple, and the characters are shallow. My pessimism got the better of me I almost withdrawn from reading this... But I take them back. Because this story surely hits home. It's one of those that will make you realize how great love is. I felt what the characters feel, my heart ached with them, I truly felt their infinite love for each other. I wanted to take away all the pain Athena's feeling, I wanted to tell Kenji to stop being such a sweet and great guy, and the last thing I wanted is to see a guy hurting and crying for the girl he loves. But at the same time I felt their helplessness to accept their fate. This novel is so great that it will make you happy, laugh, giddy, sad, and cry. It's like the Romeo and Juliet love story but it also reminds me of the novel A Walk to Remember. It made me appreciate that love exists in this world, that it could change people in so many ways and make them take risks and choices they never imagined they could...

WARNING this is not for the faint hearted! Severe Heart ache included..
  Nakaka-inlove.. Nakakaiyak(super)... Nakaka-emo... 

Link to She's Dating the Gangster

I give this 5 of 5 stars!

Sadist Lover by Aril Daine

After reading SDTG...
I didn't want to read anything close to that story anymore because....
I UGLY cried... Bawled my eyes out... 
So lucky me I stumbled upon this wonderfully, beautiful, entertaining story... 
Actually I've been hearing quite a buzz about this for a while now.. it's popular in our school and I've gotten so curious... 
I shrugged and said "Sadist Lover?? Nah.. I would never read that." 
I swore I'd never even take a glimpse...   
Until my classmate recommended this to me.. 
Well.. SHOOT ME NOW!! I take that back because I so so LOVED it!   

Brutality, violence, pain... The first words that comes into mind when you hear the word "sadist," but here it was used in a rather cute way. I truly enjoyed every bit of the story. It's about a girl named Miyuki who's been living every girl's fantasy- as the girlfriend of the campus hearthrob, Jake. But everything comes with a price, girls are jealous and even her AWOL friends becomes her frienemies. But things get complicated as the oh-so-gorgeous-wish-you-were-mine transferee comes into the picture. Lance helps her go through her struggles and makes her feel what true love is. So how would things turn out? Who will she choose? Will she give Lance a place in her heart?   Rarely do I encounter novels with incredible characters. But Sadist Lover is one of the few exceptions! The main as well as the secondary characters are likeable and lovable. There was never a dull moment. I found myself laughing with them, swooning with them, and sympathizing for them. There were lots of cheesy and sweet moments that I absolutely liked. I felt so giddy that I'd always replay my favorite scenes in my mind(ehem! Do not want to elaborate for personal reasons.) I adore Lance Mariano for being the swoon-worthy ideal guy everyone wants to end up with. He's one of those fictional characters that you're secretly wishing to be real...and hating the fact that they're just the figment of the author's imagination... Haha! 

  Anyway... I just want to commend the author for her amazing work! Kudos Aril Daine! This is such a light and incredible read. My friends and I are totally crazy about this story, particularly, LANCE MARIANO *grins*.... I'd recommend this to all romantic souls out there!   Giddy to the core… Kinikilig to the bones…  giddy Pictures, Images and Photos 

Link to Sadist Lover

I give this 5 stars!

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Every once in a while we find time to read sweet romance novels so we could fall in love with the characters! That's what I was thinking when I decided to read this one. It wouldn't hurt to relax, to find time for light cheesy chick-lits after reading some mind-blowing dan brown-ish novels. But I was wrong, this book offers so much more! 

So this is not your usual girl-meets-boy-who-sweeps-you-of-you-feet love story. This is something cliche but at the same time unique and new. Brittany Ellis has the perfect life every girl dreams of- rich famly, perfect boyfriend, expensive clothes, and the perfect face and body everyone would die to have. In school, she portrays the perfect image to everyone to hide her secret. That contrary to what people might think she is, she is still human with flaws, insecurities, problems, and unfulfilled expectations. But everything alters when she meets Alex Fuentes, a Latino gang member with a bad reputation. Together they discover that despite their opposite status and lifestyle, deep down they are so alike, struggling to live up to other people's expectations and make it their life. 

The shifting point of views between Alex and Brittany balances the story, it made me understand them more- why they had to make bad choices, and why they had to live a complicated life. Although I'm not familiar with it, i found the spanish lines spoken by the characters interesting. The realities presented in this novel is very well developed. Fobidden love, gang violence,poverty, mental retardation and discrimination are achingly true that I felt what the characters feel in sometimes. When Alex is pressured and left no other choice but to follow Hector because he has to protect his family and when Shelley yanks a whole chunk of her sister's hair and yet Brittany still understands her condition and  loves her wholeheartedly. 

In some way, it reminds us that life is not all bliss and pleasure, that even the luckiest person on earth has to thwart some obstacles and fight his/her own battle. But now I'm grinnng because the ending is a happy one. It's like after witnessing all the struggles i'm finally walking on sunshine! I came to admire Alex because he finally has someone to live for, enough to give up the things he never thought he would, and the same goes for Brittany for finally taking control of her life. The author, Simone Elkeles did it! Now I'm interested in taking Chemistry classes..haha!

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

I think i've been infected with amor deliria nervosa for a while now.

I kept on thinking how lauren oliver came up with a beautiful concept. Love as a disease sounds impossible and absurd at first, but it was introduced in a brilliant way with all the poems and paragraph from books oliver created. It added to the dystopic atmosphere during their times. I even found myself anticipating the beginning of every chapter. Plus the incredible writing skills of the author, her writing is just pure and heartfelt that i didn't get tired reading how the story unfolds. I've been very much into dystopian novels nowadays so reading one is a pleasure to me. I wouldn't compare it to the hunger games because i clearly understand that the author steered clear from the kind of story the HG is famous for. it is not as action-packed but it focuses more on the love story, of course it's natural for it talks of love being a disease. And i think it's emotional inclination to the readers is what made the book more interestng. 

The plot chronicles the development of the forbidden love and as all forbidden love goes, there will come a time when people will try to tear it apart, which brings us to the ending. Well, it was touching and heartbreaking. I was impatiently waiting for the big climax when the there will be a great battle or something similar but it was rather different. After reading the last few paragraphs, i stared at the remaining blank pages and can't believe it ended that way....

  I wanted to go inside the book and throw Alex to the other side of the fence because i didn't want to see sacrifices or even Romeo and Juliet references. The sight was just too unbearable. It's very emotional, and i would recommend it to any sappy love story/dystopian fanatic out there. So now i can't wait for the next book, pandemonium!

I give this book 5 stars! 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Farewell to HP!

After much consideration, I finally decided to write my one and only review for the harry potter series. So consider this the gist of my reviews to the other books as well. It’s not because i can only say a few things about the series but because my thoughts are full praise for jk rowling and the many reasons why i absolutely loved the books, I can’t seem to say all of them. So I would elaborate them in simple terms:

  1.) The world jk rowling created was not only magical but also incredible. It made me think “what if it really exists?.” The details were so intricate and well-thought that it will make you want to go to hogwarts and experience the joy of learning magic. And it was introduced as if wizards go to hogwarts for the sake of learning magic and not much for studying lessons. The houses, the quidditch, the spells were brilliant! I’m dying from envy because I wanted so bad to experience that(shallow, i know..) but these things only compounded to the interesting facts about the series.

2.) The chareacters are well-developed, you could truly see the differences of the magical trio (Harry,Ron,Hermione). Their discrepancies made them believable. Harry with his brave and sometimes brave-to-the-point-of-being-reckless personality but will surely move mountains for the ones he love.Ron, the best friend anyone would love to have bacause although he doesn’t have much in life he’ll support you through and through.And of course hermione with her unbelievable knowledge, there are times when i just stare in awe at how quickly she finds solution to tough situations. And together they make the perfect main characters that could weather any storm. After finishing the last book, anyone would probably admire snape. At first, he was despicable but as the story progresses you’ll realize that there’s something mysterious about his character that the author wanted the readers to figure out. When it was laid out for the last book, it was shocking that i didn’t even see that coming. I deeply sympathized for him. It would have been tiring if i mention the other characters because they’re all great. I love luna, tonks, sirius(I just wish he never died), fred, george, and Mrs. Weasley. You-know-who a.k.a. Voldemort was the best villain ever. His viciousness is so extreme that he was effectively introduced as the most feared wizard. His wickedness is enough to have covered seven books.

3.)The broad and complex plot gave meaning the word “unputdownable”. I remembered that good old days when all i do is sit comfortably and read the Harry potter for hours. There are so many things happening in the book that I found myself glued to my seat and anticipating the twist every once in a while. Sometimes, a smile crosses my face because man jk rowling has a sense of humor! I felt my heart soar because of the love story and break for the sad demise of the important characters, and I was completely riveted by the action-packed scenes especially during the end of every book. It’s amazing how each book are interconnected. Each has some integral points that, without reading them, you wouldn’t have appreciated the book beacause they are all so important to the overall story. I also like how the novels are all thick that i didn’t even realize i’ve read quite the entire book. It’s like saying to myself “wow! I’ve read a book this thick and i still want more!” How jk rowling managed to do that? i don’t know.All i know is that she is a very gifted writer who has an incredible imagination. I commend her skills and will forever admire her.

  I would give the series infinite stars if that’s possible because i don’t think 5 stars would justify what i felt. After finishing it, i can say, with a big smile on my face, that it has been a great experience.It was priceless. All the intense scenes from the previous books are expertly summed up to the last one. It undeniably lived up to my expectations. Although i grieved(joking aside) and didn’t want the series to end, we know all stories must come to an end. So i’m looking forward to reading novels which could generate in me the same interest i had for the Harry potter. I also hope jk rowling will write a new wonderful story to devour and delve myself into. Cheers to all Harry Potter fans!!!!