Friday, April 13, 2012

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

This is my first Sarah Dessen novel and i can say that I wasn't disappointed!

 I'm getting kind of addicted to YA romance novels not just because of what I call hopeless romantic syndrome most teenagers tend to have, but also because I find it light, relaxing, entertaining, interesting, and yes realistic! 

The Truth About Forever is an easy read that i found myself glued to every page despite the cliche plot. This has probably something to do with the incredible characters. I adore Macy as well as the other characters, Delia, Kristy, Bert and Monica. Though they're not the ideal type of persons you'd probably hang out with, but together they're unstoppable, cool, genuine and very nice. My favorite is Wes, well who wouldn't like a gorgeously artistic guy who's not at all vain and prefers to see imperfections from others because it what makes them human? I'd go Sa-wooning over him whenever the word "Sa-woon" is mentioned. He has this effect on people and even i can feel it. 

I also want to acknowledge Jason if for no other reason than to say his personality is freaking hilarious. I know I was supposed to be mad at him because of what he did to Macy but I just find everything about him funny especially his cold emotionless break up email. Could there be a boyfriend as cold hearted as he is? 

So in the end, I'm happy that Macy has finally dealt with the issues she's going through, and the same with her mom. It was good but I admit it ended so soon that I still wanted to know some stuffs going on especially with Macy and Wes. But I am now looking forward to reading anything from Sarah Dessen.

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