Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wicked by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie

The first time i was introduced to magic, I was amazed. I liked how it makes broomsticks fly, how it casts cool spells, how you go to the most awesome wizard school to learn it. Indeed, Harry Potter made magic seem a peculiar yet a special thing, it highlights all the good side about magic. Wicked, however, is the other way around. It's dark, gloomy and tragic. I was struck by how dark the story unfolds with the terrible conflict between the warlocks and witches. At first I didn't want to continue reading because it started out a bit slow but I'm glad I did because it got better. I commend the authors for producing an incredible narration, especially the scenes with Isabeau and Jean. It'll give you the feeling that you have yet to understand the bigger picture. Bits of flashback helped a lot in filling the void about the centuries-old feud between the Devereaux and the Cahors. I also liked how the present time is connected to the past and there is this history-repeating-itself between Holly and Jeraud. I think one downside to the story is the romance. I didn't feel the chemistry between the two as well as the intense love they share for each other. Maybe because the plot doesn't necessitate it to be well-developed, so it was already given that they've been in love for centuries. And what's with the ending? the plot itself is quite huge so i thought it would entail an epic ending, but it was simple,wierd and inaproppriate. I just really wished the ending went great so i would've been excited for the next book.

I give this book 3/5 stars!

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