Saturday, April 14, 2012

Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

I'm quite relieved to finally reach the end of the story because I practically mustered all my strength and will to at least finish this. It's boring, predictable and very twilighty, as in it was so perplexing to see how they are so alike. Dear Carrier of the Mark, How do you do that? Let me count the ways... Megan lives with her dad and goes to a new school, she caught the gorgeous Adam mysteriously looking at her. And hey, he goes to school with his sister named Aine who reminds me so much of Alice and his brother meets his responsible and good father, Fionn ( Carlisle, is that you?) She discovers their long kept secret as well as the Order that is the same as the Volturi. In the end, she was kidnapped by a tracker. There you go, I could list it all down but I'm afraid I'm only giving the reasons why the novel is a disappointment. It's a relief that it is not a vampire novel, that it deals with the Marked ones or those who control the elements. But I'm not entirely convinced because it didn't give me the amazing feeling we all feel whenever we read something new. I thought it's lacking in originality. I admit I dragged myself throughout the novel. I even found the time to read two other novels while in the middle of this one because I was losing my interest. Since it was recommended, I thought I'd love this but it just compounded the reason's why I'm getting bored of reading novels with this kind of story.

I give this 2/5 stars!

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