Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

Just when i thought I'd never find a novel comparable to Can You keep A Secret, well I was wrong! Lola and the Boy Next Door is even better. The story is amazingly sweet,refreshing, genuine, and perfect! This is everything I could ever ask for a Chick-lit. 

The heroine, Lola, is cute with her extraordinary fashion sense. It's a great relief just knowing that the bad boy is not the one she ended up with. It gets kind of lame when the protagonist is inexplicably drawn to the cool bad boy who doesn't have any direction in life, most young adult novels prefer that. But not this! here is where you'll meet the geeky nice guy who'll sweep you off your feet, did I mention his stunningly gorgeous and smells like soap and mechanical oil! ( still don't know what that smells like but who cares? There's no need to know.) He has the cutest name, Cricket Bell. At first I thought it's weird and makes me imagine an insect, but all that fades away when he gives the name a great reputation.

 The boy next door thing reminds me so much of the music video of  You Belong With Me with them both perched in their windows facing each other, exchanging cute glances. It made me wanna burst into one of those falling in love songs by Taylor Swift. Although I had a lingering regret that i didn't read the novel, Anna and the French Kiss first before this because it gives a bit of reference to it. It's like reading The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks when you haven't even read the Notebook. Anyway, I had a great time reading this. Stephanie Perkins is the new author I'll be looking forward to. Of course! anyone is willing to meet and read about a boy who'd not only love a girl unwaveringly but who'd give her anything, even if it is the moon and the stars. All smiles for this book!

I give this 5 stars with the moon!


  1. Is this just as good as Anna and the French Kiss?

    1. Yes..This is really good. One of my favorites. If you liked Anna I think you'd like this as well.. :)