Monday, May 21, 2012

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

I've been looking for a great romance novel to delve myself into. So what I did was refer to the goodreads listopia of "Best Romance Novels of all Time." Suprisingly, this book made it to the top spot at that time. Funny because I'm one of those hopeless romantic, and I have never heard of this one. So I read it, and I can tell you that this is one of my favorites! It is a really really good story but it somehow deviates from the typical love story I often encounter.

What happens when bad boy meets good girl? Travis Maddox has a bad reputation. He's never befriended any girl, for him they're just I-won't-remember-your-name-tomorrow-one-night stands. But when he strikes up a strange friendship with Abby things got way out of hand. He falls in love for the one girl who's afraid to love him. This love story is one of those that you want to read about but don't want to experience. I mean all the arguments, problems and the love-hate thing going on between them is earth-shattering. One minute they're okay but the next, BAM! WORLD WAR!!

I can't get enough of this book. It kept me awake and made me wish it'll never end. I admire Travis so much. He may be mistaken as a gangster but boy! he could be so sweet! He does and says so many things that melts my heart that I just want to take him home for me. I truly felt his love for Abby that's why I'm wishing he's real!

“I know we’re fucked up, all right? I’m impulsive, and hot-tempered, and you get under my skin like no one else. You act like you hate me one minute, and then you need me the next. I never get anything right, and I don’t deserve you…but I fucking love you, Abby. I love you more than I’ve loved anyone or anything, ever. When you’re around, I don’t need booze, or money, or the fighting, or the one-night stands…all I need is you. You’re all I think about. You’re all I dream about. You’re all I want.”  -Travis..

Oh, how I love everything about Travis. Abby is his exception, and he is hers. I love reading this book despite the emotional ride it gave me.Travis and Abby are a trainwreck. Their love story is a beautiful disaster. But I wouldn't love them any other way.

My rating 5 of 5 stars!


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    1. Thank you Marianna! I'm following you as well. :)

  2. I've read this book a few times and I still can't figure out if I love it or hate it. It's one of those books that just tethers on the edge for me.
    Great review, keep it up.

  3. That quote made me melt! This book sounds like the typical bad boy/good girl story line, but sometimes I can't get enough of it. I'll have to read this book :)

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